Tramontina Wooden Armchair African Mahogany Balcony with Varnished Finish

Code 13980644

The porch of your home will be more elegant with the Tramontina Wooden Armchair with Varnished Finish African Mahogany Balcony. Stylish, it is produced in rich mahogany and very comfortable.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Noble African Mahogany Wood
Reforestation wood of brown color.
Water based impregnating finish.
Upholstered 100% polyester.
Recommendations for Use We recommend use in covered or semi-weatherproof areas.
We recommend frequent cleaning of furniture using neutral detergent and plenty of water.
Avoid the use of chemicals and abrasive materials.
Avoid dragging the furniture.
All screws should be tightened periodically, avoiding only excessive tightening.
Wood, being a natural element, when exposed to the weather may change its appearance. To keep your product looking new longer, it is recommended to collect the product after use and store in a covered environment.
Weight 9,10 kg
Warranty 1 year (90 days legal warranty plus 9 months contractual warranty)