Tramontina Colorcut stainless steel knife set with polypropylene handles, 6 pc set

Code 23099932

Tramontina's 6-piece stainless steel knife set with polypropylene handles from the Colorcut line is perfect for elevating the level of joy in your kitchen. With functional choices for all types of cut and preparation, it also offers a distinctive design. The set includes knives with stainless steel blades with a painted finish. The polypropylene handles have antimicrobial protection to reduce fungal and bacterial growth for the whole working life of the knives. The handles are also shaped for safer and more comfortable handling. The right choice for those who wish to transform their kitchen into the happiest place in the house.

Set composition

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Stainless steel blades with a painted finish for a livelier kitchen.
The blades have a highly durable cutting edge thanks to a heat treatment.
The blades have increased sliding capacity for effortless cutting.
The polypropylene handles are highly resistant, durable and ergonomic.
The handles have antimicrobial protection that hinders fungal and bacterial growth for better hygiene and reduction of microorganisms that cause contamination.
Recommendations for Use Sharp objects: handle with care and keep out of the reach of children.
Wash your knives with a soft sponge and mild soap or liquid detergent.
Dry thoroughly with a soft cloth.
Never use abrasive products such as harsh soaps or steel wool to clean product.
After each use, follow the cleaning procedure.
For greater durability, we recommend drying well before storing.
After sharpening, carefully remove any residue stuck to the blade with a soft, dry cloth.
Avoid rubbing pieces together when storing or handling to avoid scratches and damage to the finish.
To sharpen knives, use Tramontina knife sharpener or honing steel.
Please recycle products and packaging in accordance with existing recycling guidelines
Weight 0,55 kg
Warranty 90-day warranty against manufacturing defects.