Tramontina straight grinder for professional use, 500 W 220 V

Code 42521020

With Tramontina's straight grinder for professional use, 500 W 220 V, you will count on a high-quality, high-performance tool that is easy and quick to use, as it has an on/off switch. The ideal choice for every professional that needs to carry out grinding, sharpening and finishing jobs with mounted buffs. Make sure you deliver excellent service, choose Tramontina!

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Power: 500 W.
Frequency: 50/60 Hz.
Maximum diameter of the grinding accessory: 25 mm.
Speed: 7.000 - 28.000 min-1 / rpm.
Clamps: 1/4" and 1/8".
Injected body and buttons.
2 m electrical cord.
Safety button.
Lock system for the switch to continuous jobs.
With 2 combination wrenches for clamp quick change.
Sturdy high performance motor.
100% ball bearing equipped for greater efficiency.
Practical on/off switch increases work efficiency.
Widely used in industries for grinding, tool sharpening and finishing operations through the use of abrasive point assemblies.
Recommendations for Use Wear safety glasses, gloves and others safety equipments according to the job.
Wear mask protection against dust and soot.
Check the tension showed on the product before use it.
Store in a clean and dry place.
Weight 1,72 kg
Warranty 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects (90-day implied warranty plus 9-month express warranty)