Batedeira Mix Pro Planetary Mixer - 127V

Code 69015011

- Product available only in Brazil.
- 840W motor for, high performance when cooking heavy doughs.
- Load sensing technology. The internal sensors detect when heavy doughs are being mixed and automatically adjust the power to maintain the selected speed.
- The planetary movement actionensures that the ingredients are thoroughly mixed.
- The motor protection system keeps the motor from burning when the load is larger than usual.
- Silent operation.
- Splash guard.
- Tilt-back and lockable mixer head.
- 4.7L mixing bowl with handle.
- Full variable electronic speed.
- Timer and countdown times with pause function.

Product features

Main Functions and Benefits Voltage: 127V
Frequency: 60 Hz
Power rating: 840W
Maximum rotation: 240 rpm
Recommendations for Use Carefully read all instructions before operating and save for future reference.
Never use attachments other than those provided with the bench mixer. Only use the whisks supplied with the appliance.
The maximum dough this machine can mix is 1.60kg flour plus 1.20L water.
Do not operate the appliance continuously on heavy loads for more than 3 minutes.
Keep hands, hair, clothing, as well as spatulas and other utensils, away from moving beaters during operation.
Should an object such as a spoon or spatula fall into the bowl while mixing, immediately make sure the speed control dial is in the OFF position, turn the bench mixer off, unplug it, and remove the object.
Ensure that the speed control dial is in the OFF position and, the bench mixer is switched off and unplugged before removing the beater, whisk, or dough hook.
Always remove the beater, whisk, or dough hook from the bench mixer before cleaning.
Make sure the mixer?s motor head is locked into the horizontal (closed) position when not in use and before storing. Always ensure the speed control dial is in the OFF position, the power is switched off and the power cord is unplugged from the power outlet before attempting to move the bench mixer, before assembling or disassembling, when not in use, and before cleaning or storing.
Do not move the bench mixer whilst in operation.
Do not place any part of the bench mixer in the dishwasher other than the bowl, splash guard, beater, dough hook, or whisk.
Certification Product certified as per FALCÃO BAUER OCP 0003 Mandatory INMETRO Security.
Weight 8,05 kg
Capacity 4.70 L
Warranty 1-year warranty against manufacturing defects (90-day warranty as required by law, plus 4 years and 9 months contractual warranty).