stainless steel bowl 50 U 50X40cm

Code 94007113

The Quadrum 50 U is pure sophistication and technology.
Several models with a deep depth that adapts to the most varied projects, the Quadrum bowls add value to the environment in addition to matching with any decor style used in the kitchen. The stainless steel ensures the pieces are resistance and hygienic. Installed under the granite they are the perfect choice to create environments which are comfortable and attractive.

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Product features

Main Functions and Benefits AISI 304 Stainless steel bowl with thickness 1mm with Scotch Brite finish.
Depth of bowl 205 mm.
Inner radius of 12 mm.
Bowl with sound dampening adhesive.
Included accessories Ø 4 1/2" drain valve with overflow, kit installation and manual.
Top cutting dimensions available for consultation in the "product manual" on the website or on the cutting template which accompanies the piece.
Recommendations for Use For a perfect operation of the bowl, initially assemble the valve, and after, set the piece on the countertop,
according to the instruction leaflet accompanying the product.
Remove the label on the piece.
Clean with normal neutral detergents.
Only use soft sponge or cloth to wash the piece.
This piece has sharp edges. Handle with care.
Do not use muriatic acid, bleach or any solvent to wash objects in the bowl.
On reform or construction, protect the piece not leaving cement dust or plaster onit.
Rinse and dry the piece after use.
Never leave metal on the piece for long periods, to prevent corrosion.
-To maintain the beauty and quality of stainless steel, we recommend using the Superinox and microfiber Glove.
Weight 5,26 kg
Warranty Warranties this product against any manufacturing defects for a total period of 10 years (120 months).